Semester 1, Sept 19/20


For September Intake 2019/2020, there are six co-curriculum activities offered. There are 3 new co-curriculum activities introduced based on Co-Curriculum Feedback Survey. The activities are:

  1. Futsal
  2. Volleyball
  3. Mandarin Communication
  4. Introductory Japanese Language
  5. Bakery Pastry and Culinary
  6. Programming and Coding-Drone

Co-Curricular activities are great way for students to enjoy and gain new learning experience outside of their classroom. This activity will provide an opportunity for students to seek and achieve academic, athletic and personal potential.

Physical activity such as sport will help students to develop their physical control and coordination, tactical skills, strength and stamina as well as an understanding of individual and team sports. Moreover, students will learn how to maintain healthy lifestyle.

When students participate in linguistic activity, they will develop their communication skills and their command of language through listening, speaking, reading and writing. After all, students that can speak other languages will understand different cultures and life experiences. This activity also allows students to communicate clearly with their friends from different races and background.

Next, skill enhancement provides the opportunity and knowledge for students to establish and strengthen necessary skills to gain, maintain and advance in the bakery pastry & culinary and programming & coding area. These skills can improve their overall performance in the area and also improve the overall quality of life.